Name: Nalah

Origin and Meaning of the Name Nalah

  • Meaning:
    Stem, hollow reed
  • Origin:
  • Meaning:
    To make an end, to make complete
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  • Pronunciation:
    (NAH lah), (NAW law)
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Miscellaneous Info for Nalah

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    English speaking countries
  • Additional Info:
    Modern English inspired variant of Nala which is primarily used as a feminine name.

    Nala, currently experiencing a trend of being used for females in many English speaking countries, is historically a male name of Sanskrit origin and is used frequently for males in India and among the Hindi people. The name Nala appears in the Hindu tale of the "Mahabharata" as the name of the ruler of the Nishadas and husband of Damyanti.

    Nala is sometimes listed as being a feminine name of African origin and meaning "beloved". This might come from the name Nalo, which is a name of West African origin meaning "beloved daughter", although clearly Nalo and Nala are different names, thus the lineage of this link is just a guess and cannot be wholly substantiated. It is also occasionally reported as being "gift" in Swahili, however this isn't correct. The common Swahili word for gift is "zawadi" and "Nala" is a present tense form of the verb "kula" (eat), meaning "I eat".

    Nalah is a city in the Ghazni province of Afghanistan. It is also an increasingly popular name for pets of all kinds. It is also a very primitive Hebrew root word meaning "to make and end or complete".

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