Name: Miryam

Origin and Meaning of the Name Miryam

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    (MEE ree am)
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    Itself (Miryam)
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Miscellaneous Info for Miryam

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    Hebrew speaking countries
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    The meaning of the Hebrew name Miryam is disputed.

    It may come from the Hebrew 'leharim' (to raise), thus giving "she who raises".
    One school of thought links the name with Hebrew 'mar' meaning "bitter".

    Some believe it to come from the Aramaic "wished for child" or associate it with 'sea' as "bitter sea, sea of bitterness" (from mar "bitter" and yam "sea").
    "Rebellion" or "rebelliousness" is another traditional meaning often assigned to the name.

    It is also possible that the ultimate origin is Egyptian, given the name's connection to other characters with probably Egyptian names, and perhaps derived in part from mry "beloved" or mr "love".

    In the Old Testament Miryam was the sister of Moses and Aaron.

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