Name: Medea

Origin and Meaning of the Name Medea

  • Meaning:
    Cunning; virile
  • Origin:
  • Meaning:
    Cunning; virile
  • Origin:
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  • Pronunciation:
    (meh DAY uh); (meh DEE ah)
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Miscellaneous Info for Medea

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    English speaking countries
  • Additional Info:
    Anglicized form of the Greek 'Medeia'.
    Medeia might be derived from the Greek meaning "cunning" or maybe "virility"

    In Greek mythology, Medea is a daughter of King Aeetes. She would be the granddaughter of the sun god Helios and a niece of the witch Circe.

    A famous sorceress and lover of Jason the Argonaut, Medea helped Jason in obtaining the Golden Fleece, and then accompanied him to Greece. After Jason refused to marry her, she killed their children and the bride-to-be. She later married Aegeus, to whom she bore Medeus.

    Medea is central figure of several tragedies and dramatic works, including plays by the Ancient Greek playwrights Euripides and Seneca the Younger, and the 17th century French playwright Pierre Corneille.

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