Name: Mélusine

Origin and Meaning of the Name Mélusine

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    (MEL u zeen)
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    Itself (Mélusine)
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    French speaking countries
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    Mélusine is a name of uncertain origin.
    Some argue that it is derived from the Greek name Melanie (from the Greek 'melas' meaning "black"); others associate it with the surname Lusignan, a famous family of Anjou with several family members who participated in the crusades.
    The Latin element "lux" (light) may be part of the etymology; or maybe Lucina, the Roman goddess of childbirth.

    Mélusine is a character of European folklore. She is a fairy or mythical being whose lower body turns into that of a snake every Saturday, as the result of a spell cast by her mother.
    In the most famous version, her husband Raymondin de Lusignan ignores her warnings never to seek her out on Saturdays and spies on her to know her secret. She forgives him once, but after a second betrayal, she disappears.

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