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    Loki | Name Meaning & Origin

    General Considering
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    Name: Loki

    Origin and Meaning of the Name Loki

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    (LO kee)   [Guide]

    Form of:

    Itself (Loki)




    Names list:

    Miscellaneous Info for Loki


    Mythological Names, Nordic Names

    Additional info:

    Meaning unknown. Some suggest that it is derived from Proto-Indo-European root *leuk- (‘white light’), others that the word Loki is related to the old german verb lukijan, connected to the closing of a ring (to lock it).
    Loki is the mythical being of mischief in Norse mythology, a foster-brother of Odin. He is a trickster and a malicious figure who is selfish and greedy, although not necessarily evil as he also comes to the help of the gods in numerous occasions. Loki is reported as being a shapeshifter, and with the power of travelling through the air.

    Similar Names to Loki for Boys & Girls

    The name meaning of Loki and the name origin of Loki have been reviewed by our name experts.
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