Name: Lais

Origin and Meaning of the Name Lais

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    (LAH ees)
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    Itself (Lais)
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    English and French speaking countries
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    Lais (also found as Las) was in particular the name of a courtesan ("hetaera") of the fourth century BC in Ancient Greece. Lais of Hyccara, named as such for she was probably born in Hyccara, Sicily, was a beautiful woman who fell in love with a Thessalian man who brought her to Thessaly. It is said that Thessalian women out of jealousy lured her into the temple of Aphrodite and stoned her to death.
    Another legendary Lais was also a hetaera. Lais of Corinth lived during the time of the Peloponnesian War and was said to be the most beautiful woman of the time.

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