Name: Jaffa

Origin and Meaning of the Name Jaffa

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    (JAFF ah)
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    English speaking countries
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    The famous Jaffa was named for the harmless yet zingy orange Jaffa Cake. She patrols the BNW message boards with an enviable sense of humour and a complete lack of interest in baby names. Jaffa's brief brush with fame came when she was stalked for a youth internet investigative programme and touted as Exhibit A in Twatsborough County's Seventeenth Pentecostal Church Youth Newsletter. Jaffa has become a much-loved member of the boards, but it is worth remembering that only Jayday has met Jaffa in person. And she's not telling anything 'til she gets her wellies back ...

    More prosaically, Jaffa is also an ancient port town in Israel.

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