Name: Ivelisse

Origin and Meaning of the Name Ivelisse

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    (eev LEES); (eev eh LEES)
  • Form of:
    Itself (Ivelisse)
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Miscellaneous Info for Ivelisse

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    English and Spanish speaking countries
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    The exact origin of this name is unknown, but it is found predominantly in the Latin American community and is used with frequency in Puerto Rico and Cuba. The name itself seems to come as a modern 20th century creation blending the name Yvette, Yvonne or Yveline with the suffix "lis" ending which is so often found in Latino feminine names. There is a slim possibility that there could be an ancient French root, but if so...the lineage has been lost over time so it is merely speculation.

    There are several famous bearers of the name Ivelisse, most notably Ivelisse Echevarria, thought to be the best softball pitcher ever to be born in Puerto Rico and artist Ivelisse Jimenez.

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