Name: Iseult

Origin and Meaning of the Name Iseult

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    Rules over the ice
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    (ee solt)
  • Form of:
    Itself (Iseult)
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    English and French speaking countries
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    The origin of Iseult is somewhat disputed. It might derive from the Welsh word "esyllt," meaning "beautiful"; it might also derive from the Germanic words for "ice" and "to rule."

    Essylt may also be related to the Germanic Ethylda, a short form of Ethylinda or Ethelinda in Old English, meaning "noble snake".

    Iseult (alternatively Isolde, Yseult, Isode, Isoude, Isotta) is the name of several characters in the Arthurian story of Tristan and Iseult.
    The most prominent is Iseult of Ireland, wife of Mark of Cornwall and adulterous lover of Sir Tristan. Her mother, the Queen of Ireland, is also named Iseult. The third is Iseult of the White Hands, the daughter of Hoel of Brittany, sister of Sir Kahedin, and eventual wife of Tristan.

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