Name: Iracema

Origin and Meaning of the Name Iracema

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    (EER ah SEE mah)
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    Itself (Iracema)
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    The name of a beach in Fortaleza, Ceará , Brazil. The name Iracema refers to an Indian woman of the same name, who became part of the history of Ceará.

    brazilian legend says that a Portuguese called Martim Soares Moreno was one of the greatest heroes of the war against the Dutch invasors, in the first half of the 17th century; Martim Moreno chose to live in Ceará, among the Indians.

    In the 19th century, José de Alencar, the greatest of Brazilian writers, wrote a book called Iracema; in the book, Iracema was the wife of Martim Moreno. Iracema was the source of all of his strength. Although name Iracema doesn't appear in historical record, Alencar said that his novel was inspired by tales he heard since childhood.

    Iracema is so entrenched in the history of Fortaleza that there are five statues of her in the city. The oldest one was dates back to 1965, when the novel's100th anniversary was celebrated, and is located in the beach of Mucuripe.

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