Name: Horatius

Origin and Meaning of the Name Horatius

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    Hour, time
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  • Pronunciation:
    (hoh RAY tee us)
  • Form of:
    Itself (Horatius)
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Miscellaneous Info for Horatius

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    Name of a Roman gens. The meaning could be derived back to either the Latin 'hora', 'time' or 'hour', or the Greek 'horos', 'guardian'. The Greek 'horao', 'see' or 'horaios', 'in time' and the Etruscan 'hurath' 'killer' could make possible sources as well. The legend of the three Horatii brothers who fought a fierce battle against three other brothers of a rival tribe appealed much to later artists, which resulted in for instance the 'Oath of the Horatti' by the French painter David.
    Horatius (though better known as Horace in English speaking countries) was a famous Roman poet.

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