Name: Hinepukohurangi

Origin and Meaning of the Name Hinepukohurangi

  • Meaning:
    Woman of the mist
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  • Pronunciation:
    (HEE neh pu koh HOO rah ngee)
  • Form of:
    Itself (Hinepukohurangi)
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Miscellaneous Info for Hinepukohurangi

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    Literally meaning woman of the mist, this is the name of a woman in Maori mythology. Hinepukohurangi was a beautiful mist maiden who Uenuku (the rainbow) fell in love with. Every night Hinepukohurangi would come to Uenuku then disappear before the sun rose. Uenuku tricked her by keeping his home dark one morning so he could show his beautiful lover to his people. When Hinepukohurangi went into the sunlight, she was horrified at being tricked, turning completely to mist and taking off into the heavens. Uenuku mourned her until Rangi, the sky god, took pity on him. Now when people see a rainbow with mist they are really seeing Uenuku and Hinepukohurangi together again.

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