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    (GAI us)
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    Gaius or Caius was a common Roman praenomen (given name) of uncertain derivation.
    It is also to relate to the Latin 'gaudere', "to rejoice".
    It might also be linked to an Etruscan phrase; or to the Greek grec 'Gaia'.

    It was used among the Romans as a firstname, with examples such as Gaius Julius Caesar and Gaius Caligula. It is mentioned in the bible and as the name of a saint as well.

    Caius, variant of the name, was probably the original spelling, used at a time when the letter C, which occupies in the Roman alphabet the place of the Greek Gamma, had, in some cases the power of the Gamma and then pronounced [G].

    Gaius gave the modern French word 'geai' and its English equivalent 'jay'.

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