Name: Epona

Origin and Meaning of the Name Epona

  • Meaning:
    Horse goddess
  • Origin:
  • Gender:
  • Pronunciation:
    (eh PO nah)
  • Form of:
    Itself (Epona)
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Miscellaneous Info for Epona

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    English and French speaking countries
  • Additional Info:
    Epona was a Celtic goddess associated with horses, mares and fertility. She was adopted by the Romans as their empire expanded and incorporated into Roman and Gallo-Roman mythology. Representations of Epona have been found throughout the Roman empire, belying the influence of the conquerors - the Celts themselves were not given to physical representations of their deities. Her name is derived from the Gaulish word 'epos' (horse) (similar to the Greek 'hippos'), the element 'on' (often found in names of deities) and the Gaulish feminine ending 'a'.

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