Name: Dune

Origin and Meaning of the Name Dune

  • Meaning:
    Sand hill or mountain
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  • Meaning:
    Descendant of Damhan; son of Dubhain
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  • Form of:
    Itself (Dune)
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Miscellaneous Info for Dune

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    English speaking countries
  • Additional Info:
    Dune is a well known and renowned a series of sci-fi novels by Frank Herbert. There is a 1984 film adaptation, as well as video and board games in the franchise.

    Irish surname that was originally O'Damhain and anglicized to Devayne meaning 'descendant of Damhan", Damhan translating to 'fawn'. May also take root in O'Dubhain, 'dubh' meaning 'black'.
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