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Origin and Meaning of the Name Cosette

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    (ko ZET)
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    Itself (Cosette)
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    English speaking countries
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    Victor Hugo used Cosette as the nickname for one of the characters in his novel 'Les Miserables'. Cosette's given name is Euphrasie. His character got intertwined with the name and has a rather negative connotation in France itself.

    Cosette is a petname of uncertain origin. Victor Hugo's choice is unclear.
    It may also be related to the French word 'causette' meaning "chat", reflecting the quality of being talkative. It is a credible suggestion since her real name, Euphrasie, is derived from the Greek for "good talker", the preffix 'eu' suggesting abundance.

    As a real given name, Cosette is more probably a variant of Cozette, which is an old pet form of Nicole.

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