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Origin and Meaning of the Name Calderon

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    (kahl deh RON)
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    Itself (Calderon)
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    Spanish speaking countries
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    Spanish surname.

    The origins of the Calderón surname are quite varied, and difficult to verify. Legend holds that the first man to bear the name was called Fortun Ortiz Calderón. It is said that he was a still-born baby, and his parents, thinking him dead, placed him in a nearby caldron. The child "awoke" and alerted his parents with his cries. From then on, the last name Calderón (Spanish for cauldron) was forever attached to him. This is said to have happened in the town of Nograro, Spain around the start of the 13th century.

    It could be the name is associated with metalworkers who worked on cauldrons as the middle ages, it was quite common to give a man a name related to his profession.

    A famous bearer of the name is Pedro Calderón de la Barca, who was an important dramatist of the Spanish Golden Age.

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