Name: Artemis

Origin and Meaning of the Name Artemis

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    (AHR teh mis)
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    Itself (Artemis)
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Miscellaneous Info for Artemis

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    English and Greek speaking countries
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    The meaning of Artemis is not certain. It may be from 'artemes' (strong-limbed), or 'artao' (I cut up) - the Spartans called her Artamis. Or her name may be from 'airo themis' (lofty convenor, or lofty water). Artemis was the ancient Greek goddess of the hunt. Twin to Apollo, Artemis was a patron of virgins and hunters. She is therefore both butcher and protectress, though it is uncertain whether either of these words truly contribute to her name. In later legend, she was conflated with Diana, Roman goddess of the moon. She is also known as Phoebe (related to Apollo's title "Phoebus) and Cynthia (as she was born on Mount Cynthus).

    Artemis is also the name of several different kinds of software, societies regarding the study of the moon and space, and several musical acts.

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