Name: Antiope

Origin and Meaning of the Name Antiope

  • Meaning:
    Possibly bringing voice or eyes
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  • Pronunciation:
    (an TY oh pee)
  • Form of:
    Itself (Antiope)
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    Antiope is a figure in Greek mythology. One story tells of her being a nymph, the daughter of the river god Asopus or of King Nycteus of Thebes. She was seduced by Zeus and a king, Epopeus. She gave birth to twins, one a son of Zeus and one a son of Epopeus. Her sons were raised by herdsmen while she was treated as a slave by Dirce. Antiope eventually escaped and came across the house where her sons where living. Dirce convinced the boys to kill Antiope before it was revealed who she and Antiope really were. Antiope's sons then killed Dirce as punishment. Antiope was turned mad by Dionysus as Dirce was a worshipper of Dionysus. After being cured of her madness Antiope married Phocus.

    Another Antiope was the only Amazon to marry. The Queen of the Amazons and the daughter of Ares, she gave birth to Hippolytus.

    The meaning of Antiope is unclear. It possibly comes from ant- meaning to bring forth and ops meaning face, eyes or voice. Another suggested meaning has been with eyes turned away which ties in with the old usage of Antiope to describe the dark side of the moon.

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