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Origin and Meaning of the Name Aliénor

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    God is my light
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    (AH lee ay nor)
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    French speaking countries
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    The name Aliénor originates from the Provence, but its meaning is rather obscure.

    Like Aenor and Eleonore, it is traditionally related to Helen (from the Greek meaning "light, torch, bright"), or the Greek "eleos" meaning 'pity', or the Latin "lenire" (to soften). Some also link it to the Arabic Ellinor, 'God is my light', or the Hebrew Elinora, 'fire of God'.

    Aliénor was called Eléanor in "langue d'oïl" (as opposed to Occitan, and basically what the rest of France spok). It came in use as Eleanor in England after the marriage of Aliénor (which became Eleanor) of Aquitaine to King Henry II of England.

    The name of the duchess of Aquitaine would be a contraction of "Alia-Aenor", meaning "another-Aenor" in the dialect 'langue d'oc' (Occitan language). That possibility is supported by the fact that the most famous bearer of the name, Aliénor of Aquitaine, is supposely named after her mother, and that the mother was indeed called Ænor de Châtellerault; and also that Aquitaine is indeed one of the main regions where this language was indeed spoken at that time.

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