Name: Acastus

Origin and Meaning of the Name Acastus

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    (ah KAS tuss)
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    Itself (Acastus)
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Miscellaneous Info for Acastus

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    English and Greek speaking countries
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    The origin of this name isn't entirely clear, although and Acastus appears prominently in Greek mythology. Acastus was the son of Pelias and Anaxibia. Acastus joined his cousin, Jason in the quest for the golden fleece. When Medea tricked his sisters in murdering their father, Acastus drove Jason and Medea into exile for causing his father's death.

    He became king of Lolcus. Acastus' wife Astydameia, however, fell in love with her husband's guest , Peleus a fellow Argonaut who came visiting the kingdom.

    Peleus rejected the advance, which upset Astydameia, and caused her to tell Acastus that the advances had been made upon her by hopes that Acastus would avenge her honor. Acastus executed a plan to leave Peleus defensless in the hostile country of the Centaurs, by stealing his sword while he slept and abandoning him to his fate. Peleus survived, however and later avenged his honor by taking the Lolcus and slaying Acastus and his wife.

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