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Latin Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Sergine Girl Latin Servant
Sergio Boy Latin Servant
Sergius Boy Latin Unkown, perhaps ...
Servaas Boy Latin Rescued
Servacio Boy Latin Rescued
Servais Boy Latin Rescued
Servan Boy Latin Service of God
Servane Girl Latin Service of God
Servanne Girl Latin Service of God
Servatia Girl Latin Rescued
Servatius Boy Latin Rescued
Serwacy Boy Latin Rescued
Seryeshka Boy Latin Servant
Seryoga Boy Latin Servant
Sevastián Boy Latin Man from Sebaste
Sextilius Boy Latin Sixth
Sextus Boy Latin Sixth
Seymour Boy Latin Moor
Shaela Girl Latin Blind
Sharmain Girl Latin N/A
Sharmaine Girl Latin N/A
Sharmane Girl Latin N/A
Sharmayne Girl Latin N/A
Shayla Girl Latin Blind
Shaylah Girl Latin Blind
Sheelah Girl Latin Blind
Sheila Girl Latin Blind
Sheilah Girl Latin Blind
Shelia Girl Latin Blind
Sheyla Girl Latin Blind