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Japanese Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Hiroko Girl Japanese Broad-minded child
Hiromasa Boy Japanese Wise and straigh...
Hiromi Both Japanese Broadminded beauty
Hiromichi Boy Japanese Wide street
Hiromitsu Boy Japanese Wide light
Hironobu Boy Japanese Wide faith
Hironori Boy Japanese Tolerant rule
Hiroshi Boy Japanese Generous
Hiroto Boy Japanese Big flight
Hiroyuki Boy Japanese Broad happiness
Hisa Girl Japanese Enduring, lastin...
Hisae Girl Japanese Eternal blessing
Hisako Girl Japanese Child of an old ...
Hisano Girl Japanese From a long story
Hisao Boy Japanese Life story
Hisashi Boy Japanese Always
Hisato Boy Japanese One with a long ...
Hisaye Girl Japanese Eternal blessing
Hisayo Girl Japanese Changed era
Hisoka Both Japanese Secret
Hitomi Girl Japanese Beautiful virtue...
Hitomu Boy Japanese One dream
Hitoshi Boy Japanese Benevolence
Hiyori Girl Japanese Weather
Hodaka Boy Japanese Tall ear of grain
Hokuto Girl Japanese Northern metropo...
Honami Girl Japanese Sail, south and ...
Honoka Girl Japanese Faint; indistinct
Hoshi Girl Japanese Star
Hoshimi Girl Japanese Starlight