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Italian Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Baldassare Boy Italian Lord protect the...
Bambi Girl Italian Little girl
Bambina Girl Italian Little girl
Bartolomeo Boy Italian Son of Talmai
Bartolommeo Boy Italian Son of Talmai
Battista Boy Italian Baptist
Bella Girl Italian My God is a vow
Belladonna Girl Italian Beautiful woman
Bellina Girl Italian Beautiful
Bellino Boy Italian Handsome
Benedetta Girl Italian Blessed
Benedetto Boy Italian Blessed
Benigno Boy Italian Kind; benevolent
Benvenuto Boy Italian Welcome
Benvolio Boy Italian Affectionate; be...
Bernadetta Girl Italian Bear brave; brav...
Betta Girl Italian My God is a vow
Bia Girl Italian White; fair
Biaggio Boy Italian Lisping
Biagio Boy Italian Lisping
Bianca Girl Italian White; fair
Bianka Girl Italian White; fair
Bionda Girl Italian Blonde
Bona Girl Italian Good
Bonaventura Boy Italian Good fortune
Bonaventure Boy Italian Good fortune
Bonifacio Boy Italian Good fate
Bonito Boy Italian Goodness
Bradamante Girl Italian Wild lover
Brigida Girl Italian The exalted one