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Indian Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Alisha Girl Indian Noble kind; of t...
Almas Girl Indian Diamond
Amalesh Boy Indian Pure
Amar Boy Indian Making a home
Ameya Boy Indian Vast; without bo...
Amil Boy Indian Unreachable
Amisha Girl Indian Truthful
Amiya Both Indian Delight
Amiyah Girl Indian Delight
Amneet Girl Indian The Earth
Amritpal Girl Indian Immortal; ambros...
Amul Boy Indian Priceless, of in...
Ana Both Indian Grace; favour
Anadi Boy Indian God, omnipotent,...
Anandamayi Girl Indian Consisting of bl...
Anandana Boy Indian The blissful
Anandini Girl Indian Blissful
Anandmayi Girl Indian Consisting of bl...
Ananya Both Indian Unique
Anisha Girl Indian Constant; unceas...
Anju Girl Indian Honor; shine
Anjum Boy Indian The stars
Ankit Boy Indian Damaged
Ankur Boy Indian Flower, bud, blo...
Anmol Boy Indian Priceless, inval...
Anshu Boy Indian Ray of sunlight
Anu Both Indian Grace; favour
Anureet Girl Indian N/A
Anurit Girl Indian N/A
Anurita Girl Indian N/A