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Indian Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aharnish Boy Indian Day and night
Ahimsa Girl Indian Harmless
Ahsan Boy Indian More attractive
Aijaz Boy Indian Privilege; favour
Aikya Girl Indian Unity; one alone
Aikyan Boy Indian Unity; one alone
Ailesh Boy Indian Ruler of the world
Aiman Boy Indian Very brave
Aindri Girl Indian The powerful; be...
Aiswara Boy Indian Belongs to the l...
Aiswaran Boy Indian Belongs to the l...
Aiswari Girl Indian Belongs to the l...
Aja Both Indian Goat
Ajamil Boy Indian N/A
Ajan Boy Indian The unborn; love...
Ajanabh Boy Indian Hill, mountain
Ajara Both Indian Not wearing out;...
Ajay Boy Indian Unconquered
Ajaya Both Indian Unconquered
Akalanka Boy Indian Stainless
Akasa Both Indian Open air, space
Akash Boy Indian Open air, space
Akasha Both Indian Open air, space
Akhil Boy Indian Ruler, King
Akhilendra Boy Indian Lord of the univ...
Akhilesh Boy Indian King of all
Akilesh Boy Indian King of all, lor...
Akshan Boy Indian Eye
Akshay Boy Indian Eternal, immorta...
Akuti Girl Indian Intention; wish