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Indian Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Sushuti Boy Indian Of good birth
Suvarna Both Indian Beautiful color;...
Suvipra Boy Indian Very wise; learn...
Swaha Girl Indian Oblation
Swaraj Boy Indian Self-ruling; sel...
Swarup Boy Indian True nature
Swarupa Boy Indian True nature
Tamanna Girl Indian Longing for; des...
Tamara Girl Indian Palm tree
Tamarah Girl Indian Palm tree
Tamera Girl Indian Palm tree
Tammie Girl Indian Palm tree
Tanika Girl Indian Rope
Tanmaya Boy Indian Consisting of "T...
Tanmayi Girl Indian Consisting of "T...
Tanvi Girl Indian Yong woman
Tapasa Boy Indian An ascetic
Tapasi Girl Indian An ascetic
Tapasvi Boy Indian An ascetic
Tapasvini Girl Indian An ascetic
Tapaswee Boy Indian An ascetic
Tapaswi Boy Indian An ascetic
Tapaswini Girl Indian An ascetic
Taraka Boy Indian Deliverer
Taran Boy Indian Heaven; raft
Tarana Boy Indian Rescuing; saving
Taravati Girl Indian Having stars
Tarendra Boy Indian The chief of stars
Tarika Girl Indian Savior
Tarini Girl Indian The Saving Goddess