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Indian Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Sudasa Boy Indian Good servant
Sudasi Girl Indian Good servant
Sudev Boy Indian Excellent god
Sudeva Boy Indian Excellent god
Sudevi Girl Indian Excellent goddess
Sudhee Girl Indian Excellent intell...
Sudhi Girl Indian Excellent intell...
Sudhir Boy Indian Very intelligent...
Sudhira Boy Indian Very intelligent...
Suditi Girl Indian Bright flame
Sugandhi Boy Indian Very fragrant
Sugriv Boy Indian Handsome-necked
Sugriva Boy Indian Handsome-necked
Suguna Girl Indian Good-natured; ve...
Suhail Boy Indian Constellation
Sumanas Boy Indian Pure-minded
Sumangali Girl Indian Greatly auspicious
Sumati Girl Indian Pure-minded
Sumeet Boy Indian N/A
Sumeka Both Indian Well fixed
Sumeru Boy Indian The beautiful Mo...
Sumitra Girl Indian Good friend
Sumukhi Girl Indian Bright-faced
Sunara Boy Indian Virtuous man; gl...
Sunari Girl Indian Virtuous woman
Sunaya Boy Indian One with good co...
Sunda Boy Indian Melting; very te...
Sundara Girl Indian Beautiful
Sundaram Boy Indian Beautiful; hands...
Sundareshwa... Boy Indian Beautiful Lord