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Indian Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Shahnawaz Boy Indian Cherisher of kings
Shahnaz Girl Indian Glory of kings
Shahzad Boy Indian Prince
Shaila Girl Indian A hill; daughter...
Shakambhari Girl Indian Herb-nourishing;...
Shakini Girl Indian Powerful
Shakra Boy Indian Strong; powerful
Shakrari Boy Indian Enemy of Shakra
Shakta Boy Indian Able, capable; w...
Shaktidayaka Boy Indian Giver of power
Shambhava Boy Indian Source of bliss
Shambhu Boy Indian Source of happin...
Shamshad Both Indian Box tree
Shamyu Boy Indian Benevolent
Shandra Girl Indian The moon; shining
Shankar Boy Indian Beneficent; blis...
Shankara Boy Indian Beneficent; blis...
Shankari Girl Indian Beneficent; blis...
Shankha Boy Indian Conch
Shankhadhara Boy Indian Holder of the co...
Shankhapani Boy Indian Handling the conch
Shankhavan Boy Indian Owner of the conch
Shankhin Boy Indian Possessor of the...
Shanmukha Boy Indian Six-faced
Shantanu Boy Indian Auspicious form
Sharanya Girl Indian Giver of refuge
Sharmada Boy Indian Giver of bliss
Sharmila Girl Indian Protection
Sharmini Girl Indian Blissful
Sharva Boy Indian Destroyer; withd...