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Hebrew Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Gemarya Boy Hebrew Accomplishments ...
Gennelle Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Geona Girl Hebrew Majesty
Geovanni Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Gershom Boy Hebrew Foreigner; stran...
Gershona Girl Hebrew Foreigner; stran...
Gerusha Girl Hebrew Exiled; stranger
Gerushah Girl Hebrew Exiled; stranger
Geshem Boy Hebrew Rain
Geuel Boy Hebrew Majesty of God
Geula Girl Hebrew Redemption
Geulah Girl Hebrew Redemption
Gev Boy Hebrew Cistern
Geva Boy Hebrew Hill
Gevaram Boy Hebrew Strength of a na...
Gevarel Boy Hebrew Strength of God
Gevaria Boy Hebrew Strength of God
Gevariah Boy Hebrew Strength of God
Gevarya Boy Hebrew Strength of God
Gevaryah Boy Hebrew Strength of God
Gevaryahu Boy Hebrew Strength of God
Gevat Girl Hebrew Height
Gevira Girl Hebrew Lady
Gevirah Girl Hebrew Lady
Gevura Girl Hebrew Strength
Gevurah Girl Hebrew Strength
Ghazar Boy Hebrew My God is help
Giacobbe Boy Hebrew Supplanted; held...
Giacomo Boy Hebrew Supplanter
Gian Both Hebrew God is gracious