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Hebrew Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Davis Boy Hebrew Beloved
Davita Girl Hebrew Beloved
Davy Boy Hebrew Beloved
Dawid Boy Hebrew Beloved
Dawit Boy Hebrew Beloved
Dawood Boy Hebrew Beloved
Dawud Boy Hebrew Beloved
Dayan Boy Hebrew The judge
Dayana Girl Hebrew The judge
Debbi Girl Hebrew Bee
Debbie Girl Hebrew A bee
Debby Girl Hebrew A bee
Debora Girl Hebrew Bee
Deborah Girl Hebrew Bee
Debra Girl Hebrew A bee
Debs Girl Hebrew A bee
Deena Girl Hebrew Judged
Dejohn Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Dejon Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Dekel Boy Hebrew Palm tree; date ...
Deker Boy Hebrew Piercing, to pie...
Delaya Boy Hebrew God has drawn
Delila Girl Hebrew N/A
Delilah Girl Hebrew N/A
DeLisa Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Den Boy Hebrew God is my judge
Dena Girl Hebrew Slender
Deniel Boy Hebrew God is my judge
Deuel Boy Hebrew Knowledge of God
Deuela Girl Hebrew Knowledge of God