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Hebrew Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Ozera Girl Hebrew Help, assistance...
Ozias Boy Hebrew God is strength
Oziel Boy Hebrew Might of God
Ozni Boy Hebrew Hearing, my hear...
Pagiel Boy Hebrew God allots, to p...
Paz Both Hebrew Peace
Paza Girl Hebrew Gold
Pazel Boy Hebrew God's gold
Pazi Boy Hebrew My gold
Pazia Girl Hebrew Gold of God
Paziah Girl Hebrew Gold of God
Pazit Girl Hebrew Gold
Pazya Girl Hebrew Gold of God
Pedahel Boy Hebrew Redeemed of God
Pedat Boy Hebrew Redemption
Pelatiah Boy Hebrew God delivers
Pelia Girl Hebrew Miracle of God
Peliah Girl Hebrew Wonderful
Peninah Girl Hebrew Coral, a pearl, ...
Peniniya Girl Hebrew Hen, a female ch...
Peninnah Girl Hebrew Coral; pearl
Penninah Girl Hebrew Coral; pearl
Pepe Boy Hebrew He will enlarge
Perach Girl Hebrew Flower, blossom
Perachiah Boy Hebrew Jehovah\'s flower
Peretz Boy Hebrew Burst forth, bre...
Peri Boy Hebrew Fruit
Pesach Boy Hebrew Passover
Pesah Boy Hebrew Passover
Phineas Boy Hebrew The Nubian