Baby Girl Names

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Cindy Girl Latin Light
Cinthia Girl Greek Woman from Kynthos
Citlali Girl Aztec Star
Citlalli Girl Aztec Star
Claire Girl Latin Clear; bright; f...
Clara Girl Latin Clear; bright; f...
Clare Girl Latin Clear; bright; f...
Clarisa Girl Latin Bright, clear
Clarissa Girl Latin Clear; bright; f...
Claude Both Latin Disabled
Claudia Girl Latin Disabled
Cleo Both Greek Glory + father
Coby Both Hebrew Supplanter
Coco Girl French N/A
Codie Girl Gaelic Descendant of Cu...
Colette Girl Greek Victory of the p...
Colleen Girl Gaelic Young female
Connie Girl Latin Steadfast
Constance Girl Latin Steadfast
Consuelo Girl Spanish Solace
Cora Girl Greek Maiden
Coraima Girl Spanish N/A
Coral Girl English Coral; deep pink
Corey Both Germanic God's peace
Cori Girl Greek Maiden
Corina Girl Greek Maiden
Corinne Girl Greek Maiden
Corrie Girl Greek Maiden
Corrina Girl Greek Maiden
Corrine Girl Greek Maiden