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Germanic Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Manfredo Boy Germanic Peaceful strength
Manfrid Boy Germanic Peaceful strength
Manfried Boy Germanic Peaceful strength
Manheim Boy Germanic Home of men
Manja Girl Germanic Cluster of bloss...
Mannes Boy Germanic Man in the army.
Mantel Boy Germanic Cloak bearer
Mantell Boy Germanic Cloak bearer
Marie-Charl... Girl Germanic Bitter
Marie-Lou Girl Germanic Bitter
Marie-Louise Girl Germanic Bitter
Marilou Girl Germanic Bitter
Marsh Boy Germanic Horse servant
Marshal Boy Germanic Horse servant
Marshall Boy Germanic Horse servant
Marshell Boy Germanic Horse servant
Mathilda Girl Germanic Powerful battler
Matie Girl Germanic Powerful battler
Matilda Girl Germanic Powerful battler
Matylda Girl Germanic Powerful battler
Maudie Girl Germanic Powerful battler
Maynard Boy Germanic Mighty and brave
Médard Boy Germanic Court of the str...
Medardus Boy Germanic Court of the str...
Médéric Boy Germanic Courageous ruler
Meia Girl Germanic Strength
Meinhard Boy Germanic Mighty and brave
Melisande Girl Germanic Strong work
Melisandra Girl Germanic Strong work
Melisant Girl Germanic Strong work