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Germanic Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Enrico Boy Germanic Home ruler
Enriqua Girl Germanic Home ruler
Enrique Boy Germanic Home ruler
Enriqueta Girl Germanic Home ruler
Erardo Boy Germanic Strong as the wi...
Erfried Boy Germanic Honor + peace
Erhard Boy Germanic Strong as the wi...
Erhardt Boy Germanic Strong as the wi...
Eric Boy Germanic Eternal ruler
Erica Girl Germanic Eternal ruler
Erich Boy Germanic Eternal ruler
Erick Boy Germanic Eternal ruler
Ericka Girl Germanic Eternal ruler
Erik Boy Germanic Eternal ruler
Erika Girl Germanic Eternal ruler
Erlinda Girl Germanic Lord, army; shield
Ermanno Boy Germanic Man in the army
Ermelinda Girl Germanic Powerful warrior...
Ermelinde Girl Germanic Powerful warrior...
Ermelindis Girl Germanic Powerful with th...
Ermengard Girl Germanic Whole enclosure
Ermentraud Girl Germanic Brave in war
Erna Girl Germanic Earnest, serious
Ernest Boy Germanic Earnest, serious
Ernesta Girl Germanic Earnest, serious
Ernestina Girl Germanic Earnest, serious
Ernestine Girl Germanic Earnest; serious
Ernesto Boy Germanic Earnest, serious
Erney Boy Germanic Earnest, serious
Ernie Boy Germanic Earnest, serious