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Germanic Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Ellard Boy Germanic Noble and strong
Elma Girl Germanic Helmet
Elman Boy Germanic Noble man
Elmer Boy Germanic Noble and famous
Elmina Girl Germanic Effort
Elmo Boy Germanic Helmet
Elodi Girl Germanic Uncertain, proba...
Elodia Girl Germanic Uncertain, perha...
Elodie Girl Germanic Uncertain, proba...
Eloisa Girl Germanic Sun
Éloise Girl Germanic Sun
Elonso Boy Germanic Ready for battle
Elonzo Boy Germanic Ready for battle
Elrica Girl Germanic Noble ruler
Elrich Boy Germanic Noble ruler
Elrick Boy Germanic Noble ruler
Elrike Girl Germanic Noble ruler
Elvardo Boy Germanic Protector of all
Elvira Girl Germanic Uncertain, possi...
Elvire Girl Germanic Uncertain, possi...
Elviro Boy Germanic Amiable, friendly
Emberto Boy Germanic Of great fame
Emelia Girl Germanic Rival; emulating
Emeric Boy Germanic Work and ruler
Emina Girl Germanic Beloved
Emmerich Boy Germanic Work and ruler
Emmitt Boy Germanic Entire, all-embr...
Endika Boy Germanic Home ruler
Engelbert Boy Germanic Bright Angle
Enric Boy Germanic Home ruler