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French Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Bénédicte Girl French Blessed
Benoît Boy French Blessed
Benoîte Girl French Blessed
Béranger Boy French Glorious spear
Bérangère Girl French Glorious spear
Bérenger Boy French Glorious spear
Bérengère Girl French Glorious spear
Berle Boy French Water parsnip
Bernadette Girl French Bear brave; brav...
Bernardin Boy French Bear brave; brav...
Berthina Girl French Bright
Bertók Boy French Famous raven
Bertram Boy French Famous raven
Bertrand Boy French Famous raven
Bertrom Boy French Famous raven
Bethsabée Girl French Daughter of an o...
Betsabé Girl French Daughter of an o...
Bevis Boy French Dear son
Bijou Girl French Jewel
Blaise Boy French Stuttering
Blanch Girl French White
Blanchard Boy French White
Blanche Girl French White
Blanchefleur Girl French White flower
Blancheflor Girl French White flower
Blandine Girl French Caressing
Blanka Girl French White
Blaze Boy French Stuttering
Blazej Boy French Stuttering
Blazek Boy French Stuttering