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French Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Tottie Girl French Free man
Toulouse Boy French N/A
Toussaint Boy French All the saints
Trae Boy French Three
Trav Boy French Toll collector
Travers Boy French Toll collector
Travis Boy French Toll collector
Tre Boy French Three
Trevis Boy French Toll collector
Trey Boy French Three
Troy Boy French Troyes
Troya Girl French Troyes
Ula Girl French Little bear
Uleczka Girl French Little bear
Ulka Girl French Little bear
Uranie Girl French Heaven
Ursule Girl French Little bear
Ursuline Girl French Little bear
Urszula Girl French Little bear
Vachel Boy French Little cow
Valbourg Boy French Protector on the...
Valère Boy French To be healthy, s...
Valérien Boy French To show vigor, s...
Valmont Boy French Hill of the vale
Véronique Girl French Victory bringer
Victoire Girl French Conqueror; victory
Victorine Girl French Conqueror; victory
Violaine Girl French Violet
Violette Girl French Violet
Virgile Boy French N/A