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French Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Perrin Boy French Stone
Persée Boy French Destroyer
Pervenche Girl French Periwinkle
Pétronille Girl French N/A
Phèdre Girl French Bright
Philémon Boy French Only friend
Philippe Boy French Lover of horses
Pierre Boy French Stone
Pierre-Alex... Boy French Stone and protec...
Pierrette Girl French Stone
Placide Boy French Pleasing
Polina Girl French Small; humble
Posey Boy French N/A
Prune Girl French Plum
Pulcherie Girl French Beautiful
Quitterie Girl French Quiet
Rab Boy French Bright fame
Rabbie Boy French Bright fame
Racquel Girl French Kind
Raibeart Boy French Bright fame
Raimund Boy French Advice; decision...
Raine Girl French Queen
Rainier Boy French Wise army
Ramond Boy French Advice; decision...
Raoul Boy French Wolf council
Ray Boy French Advice; decision...
Raymond Boy French Advice; decision...
Rayne Girl French Queen
Reena Girl French Reborn
Reenie Girl French Reborn