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French Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Flavien Boy French Golden
Fleur Girl French Flower
Fleurette Girl French Little flower
Fleuri Boy French Flower
Fleury Boy French Flower
Flore Girl French Flower
Florent Boy French Flourishing
Florentin Boy French Blossoming; from...
Florentine Girl French Blossoming; from...
Floretta Girl French Little flower
Floriane Girl French Flower
Florianne Girl French Flower
Foy Girl French Faith
France Girl French Free man
Francelin Boy French Free man
Franceline Girl French Free man
Frances Girl French From France
Franco Boy French From France
François Boy French From France
Françoise Girl French From France
Gaël Boy French Name of a Celtic...
Gaëlle Girl French Name of a Celtic...
Gaillard Boy French Joyous and brave
Gala Girl French Calm
Galfrid Boy French Related to peace
Galtero Boy French Ruler of the army
Garance Girl French Madder
Garcelle Girl French N/A
Garnar Boy French Protect
Gaspard Boy French Treasure keeper