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French Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aalish Girl French Of noble kind
Abélard Boy French Breath
Abelino Boy French Uncertain, pet f...
Abriella Girl French Unknown, possibl...
Abrielle Girl French Unknown, possibl...
Absolon Boy French My father is peace
Acadia Girl French N/A
Acelin Boy French Noble; Highbirth
Aceline Girl French Noble; Highbirth
Achille Boy French N/A
Actéon Boy French N/A
Adalard Boy French Noble and hardy/...
Adalina Girl French Noble
Adaline Girl French Noble
Adelard Boy French Noble and hardy/...
Adele Girl French Noble
Adélie Girl French Noble
Adeline Girl French Noble
Adline Girl French Noble
Adolphe Boy French Noble wolf
Adoré Boy French Loved child
Adorée Girl French Loved child
Adrien Boy French From Hadria
Adriene Girl French From Hadria
Adrienne Girl French From Hadria
Ailbeart Boy French Noble and famous
Ailis Girl French Of noble kind
Ailish Girl French Of noble kind
Aimé Boy French Loved
Aimée Girl French Loved