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Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Lee Anna Girl English Lee + Anne
Lee Anne Girl English Lee + Anne
Leeann Girl English Lee + Anne
Leeman Boy English Beloved man; swe...
Leena Girl English From Helena or M...
Leeza Girl English My God is a vow
Lefman Boy English Beloved man
Lefred Boy English Dear counsel
Leiana Girl English Lee + Anne
Leianne Girl English Lee + Anne
Leigh Both English Clearing, meadow
Leighann Girl English Lee + Anne
Leighton Boy English Leek settlement
Leisha Girl English Of noble kind
Leitha Girl English Broad; wide; riv...
Leland Boy English Land lying fallow
Lemon Boy English Beloved man; swe...
Lenda Girl English N/A
Lenna Girl English Short for Helena...
Lenwood Boy English Leen's wood
Leofric Boy English Dear ruler
Leofwin Boy English Dear friend
Leonel Boy English Lion
Lester Boy English From Leicester
Leuedai Girl English Day of reconcili...
Lever Boy English Hare
Leverett Boy English Hare
Leveritt Boy English Hare
Levin Boy English Heart
Levy Boy English Combined