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Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Kurt Boy English Courteous
Kurtis Boy English Courteous
Kyan Boy English Ancient
Kye Boy English Rejoice
Kyla Girl English Strait of water;...
Kyle Boy English Strait of water
Kyleigh Girl English Boomerang
Kym Girl English Regal hill
Kymba Girl English Variable prefix ...
Kymberly Girl English Variable prefix ...
Kymmer Girl English Variable prefix ...
Kymmie Girl English Regal hill
Kyndall Boy English Valley of the Ri...
Kyneburg Girl English Famous
Kyona Girl English Ravine and red a...
Kyran Boy English Little dark one
Lacey Girl English Lacy; lace-like
Lachoneus Boy English N/A
Laci Girl English Lacy; lace-like
Lacie Girl English Lacy; lace-like
Lacy Girl English Lacy; lace-like
Lady Girl English Lady
Lafayette Boy English Beech tree
Laird Boy English Lord
Lake Both English Lake
Lakeley Boy English Meadow lake
Lakely Boy English Meadow lake
Laken Both English N/A
Lakendra Girl English Son of Henry
Laman Boy English Twinkling; spark...