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Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Jamis Boy English Supplanter
Jamisen Boy English Supplanter
Jamison Boy English Supplanter
Jamsie Boy English Supplanter
Janae Girl English N/A
Janea Girl English N/A
Janean Girl English God is gracious
Janeen Girl English God is gracious
Janine Girl English God is gracious
Janoah Boy English To rest
January Both English First month of t...
Jarell Boy English N/A
Jarelle Girl English N/A
Jarrel Boy English N/A
Jarrell Boy English N/A
Jarvis Boy English Spear servant
Jasmine Girl English Jasmine
Jasmyn Girl English Jasmine
Jasmyna Girl English Jasmine
Jasmyne Girl English Jasmine
Jax Boy English Jack's son
Jaxine Girl English N/A
Jaxon Boy English Jack's son
Jaxsen Boy English Jack's son
Jaxson Boy English Jack's son
Jay Both English Jay bird
Jayda Both English Precious green s...
Jayde Girl English Precious green s...
Jaye Both English Jay bird
Jayme Both English Supplanter