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English Names

Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Holbrooke Boy English Schooled
Holden Boy English Deep Valley
Holiday Girl English Holiday
Holland Both English Ridge land
Hollee Girl English Holly
Hollie Girl English Holly
Hollis Boy English Lives near holly...
Hollisha Girl English Christmas-born
Holly Girl English Holly
Holmes Boy English Safe haven
Holms Boy English Indigenous
Honesty Girl English Honesty; truthfu...
Honey Girl English Honey
Hoover Boy English Owner of a measu...
Hope Girl English Hope
Hopkins Both English Son of Hob
Hopper Boy English Professional acr...
Horiana Girl English Earth worker
Horina Girl English Earth worker
Horton Boy English Mud or slime set...
Houston Boy English Hugh's town
Howard Boy English Sheep herder; pi...
Howell Boy English Eminent
Hoyt Boy English N/A
Huck Boy English Huckleberry
Huckleberry Boy English Huckleberry
Hud Boy English Son of Hudde
Hudson Boy English Son of Hudde
Hune Girl English The sixth month ...
Hunter Boy English Hunter; one who ...