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Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Ervin Boy English Green water; boa...
Ervine Boy English Green water; boa...
Erving Boy English Green water; boa...
Erwyn Boy English Boar friend
Eryn Girl English From Ireland
Esau Boy English Completed
Esmeraude Girl English Emerald
Esmond Boy English Good-looking/ di...
Essence Girl English True nature of a...
Essex Boy English East Saxons
Essie Girl English Star
Estmund Boy English Protector of bea...
Estrild Girl English Battle Goddess
Etel Girl English Righteous; noble
Ethan Boy English Strong, firm, im...
Ethana Girl English Strong, firm, im...
Ethel Girl English Righteous; noble
Ethelberga Girl English Noble fortress
Ethelburg Girl English Noble fortress
Ethelburga Girl English Noble fortress
Ethelburh Girl English Noble fortress
Etheldreda Girl English Noble strength
Ethelfleda Girl English Noble beauty
Ethelfrith Girl English Noble peace
Ethelgifu Girl English Noble gift
Ethelgyth Girl English Noble war
Ethelred Boy English Noble counsel
Ethelswith Girl English Noble Strength
Ethelwine Boy English Noble friend
Ethen Boy English Strong, firm, im...