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Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Dean Boy English Valley; dean
Deane Boy English Valley; dean
Debbie Girl English A bee
Debby Girl English A bee
Debra Girl English A bee
Debs Girl English A bee
Decla Girl English Full of goodness
Dedra Girl English Uncertain, perha...
Dee Both English N/A
Deforest Boy English From the forest
Deidra Girl English Uncertain, perha...
Deidre Girl English Uncertain, perha...
Deion Boy English Of Zeus
Deke Boy English Ditch, trench
Delaney Both English From the alder g...
DeLisa Girl English My God is a vow
Dell Boy English Valley
Delman Boy English Valley
Delmar Both English Of the sea
Delmer Boy English Of the sea
Delmon Boy English Man of the mount...
Delores Girl English Sorrows
Delpha Girl English Brotherly love
Delta Both English Fourth letter of...
Delton Boy English Town in a wooded...
Demian Boy English To tame
Dempsey Boy English Proud, haughty
Dene Boy English Valley; dean
Denham Boy English Valley homestead
Denholm Boy English Piece of dry lan...