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Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Concord Both English Harmony
Conni Girl English Steadfast
Connie Girl English Steadfast
Constance Girl English Steadfast
Constancia Girl English Steadfast
Constanta Girl English Steadfast
Constantia Girl English Steadfast
Constanza Girl English Steadfast
Coolidge Boy English N/A
Cooper Boy English Barrel maker
Cope Boy English A hill
Coral Girl English Coral; deep pink
Coralene Girl English Coral; deep pink
Cord Boy English Maker of cord
Cordel Boy English Maker of cord
Cordelia Girl English N/A
Cordell Boy English Maker of cord
Cordia Girl English Short form of Co...
Corey Both English God's peace
Cori Girl English Maiden
Corianton Boy English N/A
Coriantumr Boy English N/A
Corie Boy English God's peace
Corliss Boy English Cheerful; joy
Corlissa Girl English Cheerful; joy
Corly Boy English Cornel-tree
Cornell Boy English Horn; horned
Cornelle Boy English Horn; horned
Corrie Girl English Maiden
Corrigan Boy English Spear, pointed o...