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Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Tomkin Boy English Twin
Tomkins Boy English Twin
Tomlin Boy English Twin
Tomlinson Boy English Twin
Tone Boy English Lives in the set...
Toni Girl English N/A
Tonie Girl English N/A
Tony Boy English N/A
Tootsie Girl English A young lady or ...
Topaz Girl English Topaz
Torell Boy English Small tower
Torin Boy English Chief; thunder
Torrance Boy English Uncertain, maybe...
Torrell Boy English Small tower
Toshiro Boy English Clever son
Tottie Girl English Free man
Trace Both English Thracius' place
Tracey Both English Thracius' place
Traci Girl English Thracius' place
Tracie Girl English Thracius' place
Track Boy English To follow
Tracy Both English Thracius' place
Trainor Boy English Champion or stro...
Trapper Boy English One who traps game
Trea Girl English Strength; intens...
Treasa Girl English Strength; intens...
Treasure Girl English Precious possess...
Treat Boy English Treat
Trent Boy English Traveller; journ...
Trenton Boy English Trent's town