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Gender: Origin:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Stuwart Boy English Guardian of the ...
Styles Boy English Steep ascent; st...
Suellen Girl English Combination of S...
Sumiye Girl English Genuine branch
Summer Girl English Summer
Sumner Boy English Summoner
Sunday Girl English 7th day of the w...
Sungyevo Girl English Sun gift
Sunngifu Girl English Sun gift
Sunniva Girl English Sun gift
Sunny Girl English Filled with sunl...
Sunshine Girl English Light from the sun
Sutton Boy English Town on the south
Swan Girl English Swan
Swann Both English Swan
Swete Girl English Sweet
Syd Girl English Wide meadow
Sydnee Girl English Wide meadow
Sydney Both English Wide meadow
Tabberer Boy English Drummer
Tabor Boy English Drummer
Tadd Boy English Uncertain, perha...
Taft Boy English Homestead
Tailor Both English A tailor
Taiyo Boy English Thick sunlight
Talan Boy English A claw
Talbot Boy English Messenger of des...
Talbott Boy English Messenger of des...
Talfor Boy English One who carves o...
Talli Girl English Dew of God; fema...